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Why do logger boots have high heels in 2022[best guide]

Why do logger boots have high heels? It is the most obvious question that comes into the mind of almost all users though the answer is straightforward.

The logging industry is full of tough challenges and surprises. You never know what’s coming your way, and you will meet new adventures every day.

High heels in logger boots are designed to protect your feet from various hazards at the workplace.

Also, these high heels keep you stable on almost any surface and provide you the best traction. This unique heel design of logger boots helps you pulsing or pushing heavy objects.

In short, high heels in logger work boots are designed for optimal support and safety of your feet. Well, this was the most straightforward answer to the question. We will explain it further below.

Reasons: Why Logger Boots Have High Heels?

Many reasons, such as the elevated heel’s design, make them ideal for miserable weather and soft ground conditions.

The high heels work well on muddy terrains and protect the most hurt areas when you stand on your feet all day long. This raised heel also maintains your balance and allows you to move faster in dangerous situations.

Let’s check out some significant reasons why logging boots have raised heels:

Dig In Your Heels

This phrase is not a saying or a metaphor; indeed, it is a practical thing that most workers need at their workplace, especially in a challenging workplace like a logging industry, construction worker, or handle ropes.

These raised heels seamlessly dig into the ground and are ideal for:

  • Rope pulling situations.
  • When you are out in the muddy terrains.
  • Provide you a solid and stable foundation when pushing or pulling heavy objects.
  • Works best in uneven and soft terrains where you need perfect balance and grip.

Supreme Coziness and Functionality

Though a few experts and standard work boot wearers say that a raised heel only helps people with certain back arch types, the reality is that all users can enjoy the comfort and functionality of high heels. In the end, it’s all about the right fit.

It is another reason why you should have the best logging boots but considers these things before buying:

  • If possible, try the boots before buying and check the fitment and comfort.
  • If buying online, always buy from a reputable seller and read reviews of the verified buyer.
  • People with unstable ankles should consult a doctor before buying these boots. However, it also depends on the boot’s ankle support. Logger boots brand ensures that the height factor is valid and offers superior stability and protection.
  • Logger boots with high heels also promote correct posture, especially when you are walking.

Highly durable

Working in a logging industry is tricky, and cheap logging boots will damage faster than their counterparts. It is also evident that high-heeled logging boots last longer than flat-footed work boots due to their durability. Similarly, their outsole will not wear down as quickly as others.

Highly impact resistant

Almost all workers and loggers frequently kick things in the workplace. Similarly, loggers have to deal with various impacts while performing their duties, and a solid high heel can efficiently resist those impacts. Furthermore, this high heel design tremendously helps when you need to pound an object into place speedily.

Here are some everyday situations in which these high heeled logging boots can help you:

  • You can kick a sturdy door to open or shut it.
  • To remove a dead sapling or rotted stump out of your way. 

What Are Logger Boots?

Logger boots are special work boots designed for ordinary workers and those working in the logging industry. Due to their durable construction and various features, these boots are also perfect for others engaged in other demanding professions.

Workers who spend most of their time on their feet can also acquire benefits from the logging boots. Furthermore, logging boots are also the safest for backcountry purposes if adequately worn and constructed.

Usually, logger boots have a square toe than narrow, along with a high heel up to 8 to 10 inches. Similarly, most logger boots have a lace-to-toe pattern but not always. Logging boots also have tassels or a kiltie on the tongue to prevent debris and dirt.

Types Of Logger Boots:

  • You will find firefighter logger boots that withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Lineman boots are suitable for hiking and climbing.
  • Steel-toe logger boots are the best for the cargo industry and heavy tools or machinery.
  • Caulked boots offer the unrivaled grip that is helpful in the logging trade.

Who Needs Logger Boots?

The short and sweet answer is, Loggers need Logger Boots. The harsh and extreme working in the logging field demands a reliable and safe approach. Thus, logger boots effectively guard the health and well-being of all the workers working there.

But their usage is not limited to loggers. Logger boots can be used for many other purposes. The shoes are perfect for outdoor travelers and for all those who enjoy time in the woods. These robust boots provide the best traction but won’t affect your pace, and these are the safest on uneven and rough terrains.

who makes the best logger boots

Are logger work boots comfortable?

Yes, they are comfortable. Besides, if you move or walk a lot at your workplace going up, down, or climbing, then in all such cases, logger work boots can protect your feet while maintaining an adequate comfort. Compared to the light work boots, these are a much better choice as you can also use them on wet and uneven floors.

Benefits Of Having Logger Boots

Logger Boots are much above the regular work boots and highly versatile as well. If you are not a logger, you can still enjoy the many benefits of these boots.

Here are some advantages of having logger boots.

1. Highly Skid-Resistance

As they feature deep lugs, Logger Boots provide the best and much better traction than regular boots, even on slippery and dangerous surfaces. Skid or slip resistance properties of these boots are also highly effective; hence there will be no accidental falls, ankle twists even in the woods, or other challenging workplaces.

2. High Heels

Why do logger boots have high heels? We have discussed this query above in the article, but this elevated heel is a significant benefit of these boots. It offers more stability and seamlessly digs through the moist and soft forestry surface. Besides, it also makes you look a bit taller.

3. Great Ankle Support

The ankle and arch support that the logger boots provide is much higher than the others, and it also enables you to move correctly through the grassy terrains. This increased support prevents your ankles from rolling or twisting down.

4. Weather-Resistance Design

These boots are designed for rugged uses and extreme weather conditions. Hence they are fully capable of dealing with all the issues that arise due to changes in weather conditions. For example, logger boots are safe for extreme winters, and your feet will not freeze to death. Similarly, you can also use them in the summer comfortably.

5. High Shaft Size

Logging boots have a high shaft. It is handy on many occasions, primarily if you work in a forest or other demanding workplace. This tall shaft size also keeps the creepers away from your feet.

Snakes, toads, insects, and other creepers can enter your shoes anytime. But not when you have the logger boots, as they have secure and snug lace-up closure that prevents dangerous creepers and other debris from getting into the shoes.

The shaft size of logger boots starts from 6 inches and goes up to 8 inches to deliver additional protection. This high shaft design also makes them suitable for slippery surfaces and offers excellent ankle support.

FAQ about: Why Do Logger Boots Have High Heels

How To Break In Logger Boots?

Ensure that you get the right fit when buying high-heeled logging boots. If you feel a pinch on your feet, it means the fitment is not correct. After getting the right fit, breaking in the logging boots is simple and usually doesn’t take much time, but it also depends on the shoe brand.

If you want to break them in fast, walk around in your home wearing them. Similarly, you can also use the leather conditioner on them but never use water or heat to break into the logging boots.

Do logger boots make you taller?

Yes, they make you a bit taller as they come with high feels. Averagely, you can expect a rise of 1.5 to 2 inches, depending on the heel’s size. This gain is noticeable and makes you feel a bit taller when wearing these boots.

Are logger boots good for your feet?

The raised heel design in logger boots helps a lot for your feet in many ways. It also makes them ideal for your feet when you are hiking or climbing. This high heel of logger boots also prevents slipping and keeps the mud, dust, water, and other debris away from your feet. Overall the shoes are excellent and beneficial for your feet.

Can you go hiking in logger boots?

Are logger boots good for hiking? The answer is Yes. You can go hiking in the logger boots. However, remember that they are a bit heavier than the standard hiking shoes but safe to use on almost all kinds of hiking terrains.

When using them for hiking purposes, ensure that the boots are broken in and you have used them before at home or work. These boots are comfortable to wear for all-day-long hiking trips.

Are logger boots suitable for walking on concrete?

Walking on rocky and hard surfaces is always challenging, and chances are higher that you might encounter nasty injuries while doing so if you are not careful. For this purpose, Logger Boots Good for Concrete.

Logger boots can be the perfect solution as they have excellent safety features such as rugged slip-resistant soles and aggressive lug designs. Hence you can wear them comfortably on concrete and other hard surfaces.

Why do logger boots have kilties?

The durability of logger boots is much higher than the standard working boots. For this purpose, these boots come with “kilties.” These are small pieces of leather placed at the end of the laces on the boot’s upper.

Kilties work as a brush guard and efficiently protect the boot’s collar and tongue from various natural elements and other debris. It also prevents dirt accumulation on the shoelaces and minimizes the ingress of dirt into the boot. Lastly, the Kilties also protect the tongue from daily wear and tear.

What is the point of logger boots?

The main purpose of using the logger boots is the best protection and superior comfort when you wear them in high demanding industries such as:

  • Logging industries
  • Linesmen
  • Hunters
  • Trekkers
  • Bikers
  • Land Surveyors
  • And many other tough workplaces

Can loggers wear steel toe boots?

Yes, loggers can wear steel toe logging boots. These are the best in terms of safety and make you feel more confident when working around heavy logs.

Steel toe logging boots also work well on a hill, and a log starts to move. In this situation, you can use steel toe loggers to block it with your shoes. These will also help you load a heavy dolly or deal with wooden items in your woodpile because they have high heels.

At The End

So we hope that now you understand what are the logger boots and Why Do Logger Boots Have High Heels? To keep things short and simple, there are three reasons for that: durability, functionality, and matchless comfort.

Your boots act as a tool when working in a demanding working environment such as the logging industry. Similarly, the logger boots are saviors in a destructive mudslide and provide you enhanced traction and stability. And those elevated heels also protect your back and prevent various orthopedic issues if worn correctly and fit well.

So, we can safely say that the logging boots with high heels provide superb comfort and have all the features that enhance your safety, and you will never go wrong with the raised heeled loggers.

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