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How to widen steel toe boots

How to widen steel toe boots 2022: Stretch them Easily

A steel toe boot is a lifesaver for those who work in a hazardous environment. But what if your shoes are just a little too tight?

Here are some tips on how to widen steel toe boots so you can feel comfortable and safe while you’re working.

Best Methods about How To Widen Steel Toe Boots

You can widen new steel toe boots with a few simple steps. Follow these instructions on how to stretch your shoes before wearing them:

Methods 1: Wear thick socks

If possible, when trying on the boots wear them with thick work boots socks. Make sure you are standing up when trying them on. For this method, borrow a buddy’s foot so you can try both feet at the same time.

Sit down and lace the boots as tight as you would if you were wearing pants or jeans over them. Walk around in the shoes while wearing thick socks for about 10 minutes.

Stand up and firmly pull against the sides of your boots where your toes are located while they’re still laced tight.

Wear thick socks
thick socks

Keep pulling until all four sides of the boot have stretched out enough that they won pinch your feet anymore. Lace the shoes back up and normally stand again. Walk around for another five minutes to make sure they feel right.

Method 2: Use a hairdryer

You can also speed up the stretching process by using a hairdryer or placing your boots in an oven that’s turned off (but not too hot).

You may need to repeat the steps above if you find that your shoes are still too tight after getting them wet or warm. Just be careful because both of these methods may alter the shape of your steel-toe shoes once they’ve cooled down.

Here is how to use this method:

  • Wear your work boots along with thick socks.
  • Then, apply the hairdryer’s heat on the boot’s exterior only; don’t apply the inside of your steel toe work boots.
  • When you use the hairdryer on your shoes, you will notice that the fabrics of your boots will get much softer, and your feet will be saved from heat, as well as you will be wearing thick socks.
  • Keep wearing your boots until they get cooled down, and then you need to apply a leather conditioner to maintain the boot’s original shape and look.
  • You can also use boiling water if you don’t have the hairdryer or your boots are water-resistant.

Method 3: Cut the additional padding (if applicable)

Another option would be to cut out some foam padding with additional arch support, place it inside the shoe between where your foot meets the steel toe cap, and repeat step three above until all four sides stretch out evenly.

Method 4: Put your work boots in a microwave oven

However, the fastest way to stretch steel toe boots is by placing them in the microwave. You may need to turn on your overhead vent or open up a window because you will create steam while your boot stretches out.

Do not put the boot directly on any kind of heating element, so it doesn’t melt. Take off the laces and place the boot inside the oven for about one minute at first, then take it out quickly.

Try putting on your shoe while it’s still warm but not hot enough that you can burn yourself against the metal part of your shoes.

If it fits perfectly, repeat step three above for an additional two minutes with each attempt until all four sides stretch just enough that they’re comfortable and tight-fitting around your foot.

Method 5: try broomstick

Do you know that you can easily wear your steel toe work boots with a broomstick? Yes, this method works like a charm, and the best part is you don’t need to buy any tools or stuff from the market.

A broomstick is a common household thing that’s available in any house. However, if you cannot find a broomstick, you can use any stick to widen your boots. Here is how to do it:

  • First of all, you need to identify the snug area of your work boots, and you want to loosen it.
  • Then insert the broomstick or any stick inside your shoes. Insert through the boot opening till the end of boots.

However, there are two ways to perform this method. The first is to place your boot on the floor and press the stick downward. 

The other way is to keep the boots in a way that their opening is facing the ground and then push the stick to loosen the work boots.

In each push, you will have to keep the stick in your boots for up to 15 to 20 seconds. You can push multiple times until you notice that the spot is loosened adequately. The process is quick as well and only takes a few minutes.

Method 6: Use steel shoe stretchers

This is another simple way to widen your steel-toe boots. However, this method might cost you some bucks as you need to purchase steel shoe stretchers and the best leather conditioner if you have leather work boots.

Shoe Stretchers
Shoe Stretchers

Remember, for this method, you will need a steel shoe stretcher, not a wooden shoe stretcher, as it is more reliable than wooden stretchers and delivers better results. If you have standard, non-leather work boots, then you can use any shoe stretchers.

Here is how to do it:

Gently apply the leather conditioner on your work boots to soften them, and it will also stretch your steel toe boots. Ensure to apply leather conditioner on the exterior of your work boots.

Now, insert the newly purchased shoe stretchers in your work boots, and rotate the stretchers in an anti-clockwise motion. Keep the stretcher rotating until it fits in the shoes completely.

If you feel uncomfortable while wearing your shoes or want to widen them more, you can use bunion plugs in your stretchers’ holes to make them wider.

Once the steel stretchers fit inside of your work boots, rotate the stretcher more to make your shoes widen and comfortable.

After that, have patience and don’t remove the stretcher. Otherwise, your work boots will return to their original shape and size.

So keep the stretcher inside the shoes to widen them permanently. In our opinion, keep the stretcher inside the shoes for up to 24 hours.

After that, wear your wide steel toe work boots and check their width. If needed, repeat the process and enjoy.

Method 7: Use Shoe stretching Spray

It is another economical way to widen steel toe work boots. You will need a stretching spray for this method, but it is not too expensive. This simple method includes a boot stretching spray which works like magic.

Boot stretching spray loosens up the leather fibers and widens the steel toe boots. The process is simple: just spray on your shoes, and you are done. Hence you can use this hack at your workplace without any issue.

Some additional tips to widen steel toe boots

As a general rule, you should never wear new boots to work on a daily basis. Your feet will need time to adjust to wearing steel toe shoes if they have been used only occasionally in the past.

You also don’t want your feet getting adjusted to being pinched by an uncomfortable shoe because this will lead to blisters and calluses down the road.

If you cannot get your steel toe shoes stretched out enough so that they are comfortable, take them back and ask for another pair or size up, so it’s easier for you to slip your foot inside of them when trying them on again tomorrow. Then follow the instructions above until all four sides feel just right.


We hope you find these tips helpful in context of how to widen steel toe boots. If you have any questions or want more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

And remember, if your steel toe boots are feeling a little too tight, don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to widen them so you can feel comfortable and safe while you wear them.


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