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waterproof leather cowboy boots(5 effective ways)

How to waterproof leather cowboy boots (5 effective ways)

Generally speaking, we all love to wear a solid pair of leather cowboy boots. The iconic design of the boots is a fan favorite for years and will remain forever.

Before you buy a pair of boots for yourself, you might think:

How to waterproof leather cowboy boots? are cowboy boots comfortable? What is the best protection for cowboy boots? how to clean cowboy boots.

Having said that, there are few things that need your attention when you wear these iconic boots, and one such thing is waterproofing.

Though high-quality leather boots do have waterproof capabilities, still water can affect them or shorten their life. So, in this way, cowboy boots aren’t entirely waterproof. But with adequate care and maintenance, you can preserve them for many years.

In this read, you will find all info to maintain and care for your leather cowboy boots. We will try our best to explain how to waterproof leather cowboy boots in the simplest way that will solve your problems regarding leather waterproofing cowboy boots.  

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How do I waterproof my cowboy boots?

how to waterproof leather cowboy boots

Before jumping into your leather cowboy boots, you must take some necessary steps to make sure your boots remain safe from water. Continuous exposure to water without any protection will make your boots wear out in no time.

Your boots can catch mold and mildew, fade, or even crack. Due to the volatility of Mother Nature, It is advisable to take a few measures to ensure that your new pair will serve you for many years.

If you have a pair of brand new leather cowboy boots, you can skip the cleaning step below and follow the rest. Remember that these guidelines are only for leather cowboy boots, not for suede.

Ways of waterproofing leather cowboy boots at a glance:

  • 1. Cleaning
  • 2. Apply leather conditioner
  • 3. Using Mink Oil cowboy boots
  • 4. Spray 
  • 5. Drying

1. Cleaning

Before using any conditioner or sealant, check out that your boots are properly clean. Keep them free from debris, mud, dirt, or dust. Though cowboy boots do not come with laces,

So if you are applying these instructions on another pair of leather boots, remove the laces first. Then take a brush or dry fabric and get rid of dirt and mud from your boots.

For proper cleaning,

You can use any leather cleaner or normal dish soap and plain water. But remember, never saturate the boots in water. Use a damp cloth that is fully squeezed out with a cleaner for this purpose.

2. Apply leather conditioner

The conditioner will make your leather cowboy boots flexible and soft. It will also protect your boots from dust and dirt.

To use the conditioner on your boots, gently rub it on your boots. Dry boots will soak up the conditioner instantly. If that is the case, add more conditioner to your boots.

Always use a dry, clean fabric when applying conditioner.

Once you’re done, Let the conditioner sit for up to 12 hours and then wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth.

3. Using Mink Oil cowboy boots

Let me answer the question “can I use mink oil on cowboy boots?” here:

So, as an alternate, you can use Mink oil instead of the spray. Using mink oil for cowboy boots is also simple, just rub on the boots and wipe it off. Both mink oil and spray will keep your boots from water.

Though the leather material features waterproof capabilities, it doesn’t mean you should not add extra protection that prevents wear and tear.

4. Spray 

Silicone sprays are simple to use for drying out the leather. When buying sprays or oil, opt for the one that does not have silicone.

The spray will prevent discoloration and fading caused because of direct exposure to the sunlight.

5. Drying

You can dry your boots by keeping them in sunlight for at least 48 hours.

However, We will advise you to use old newspapers or boot trees, so the boot’s shape remains as original during the process.

Some common mistakes people do when Waterproofing Leather Cowboy Boots

Although the process is straightforward, still you can make mistakes when waterproofing your leather cowboy boots. Below are some common errors, that you might face during the process of how to waterproof leather cowboy boots.

cowboy boots common mistakes

1. Over conditioning

This happens when you apply too much conditioner to your boots. It’s like applying a lot of sunscreen or lotion on your face at once. You will see your pores blocking. The same applies to the pores of your cowboy boots.

To overcome this sticky situation:

  • Start wiping the excess conditioner as much as possible.
  • Apply a leather cleaner to your boots. You can also use alcohol if you do not have a leather cleaner.
  • Clean the booth until it gets soft. If it is hard, use the conditioner again to soften it up.

2. Drying with heat

Although it looks enticing, But never dry your cowboy boots with a hairdryer, campfire, or iron, this will make the leather prone to cracking.

Furthermore, The glue that holds multiple layers of the boot together will get affected.

3. Be aware of the material.

waterproofing leather cowboy boots

While this post is all about how to waterproof leather cowboy boots, we are writing some useful tips due to the abundance of other boot materials on the market.

Having said that, Be aware of your boot material, or else you will unintentionally damage your boots.

For example, If you have snakeskin boots and you use too much water on the scales. It will destroy the scales.

Furthermore, always use a conditioner that contains lanolin and not oil. Although the details for all boots materials are different,

Still you can apply the same general principle to suede boots, alligator boots, vinyl boots, and more. Here we will advise you to use a Google search and do some research as it will prevent the heartbreak of damaged boots.

How to Care for Leather Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are effortless to maintain and care for.

Below you will find some simple things that will help you in context of how to care for leather boots and you can also increase your western boots lifespan.

Leather Cowboy Boots care

Follow below mentioned steps:

1. Getting Rid of Dirt

It is simple, take a damp, soft cloth and wipe the boot. Never think of using harsh chemicals on your boots as they can result in discoloration. Instead, use normal water.

2. Ingrained Dirt

In some cases, a damp cloth might not remove all the dirt from your boots. To remove this stubborn stuff, you can use saddle oil. The oil will easily get rid of stubborn and ingrained dirt.

3. Conditioner

It is one of the best practices to apply a leather conditioner on the leather cowboy boots. The conditioner prevents it from drying out and makes it softer.

Just keep in mind that it is advisable to apply two thin coats of conditioner than one dense coat.

4. Water Protector

As the best cowboy boots feature high-quality leather, they have some waterproofness in them. However, you can always use a water protector that will keep water running off the boot, and it will not get absorbed into the leather.

5. Polishing

While this might not be necessary but it is handy if you are wearing the boots to a formal event.

After all, we all love a shiny pair of cowboy leather boots. To get that blistering and shiny boots, you can apply Boot Cream Polish.


Cowboy leather boots are still a fan favorite, but most users get anxious during the rainy or snowy seasons as water or snow can destroy them easily.

So, you must know how to waterproof leather cowboy boots. By doing so, you can care for and maintain them in an adequate manner.

All the methods mentioned above are simple to apply, practical, and cost less effort and money.

Having said that, try to spend a few minutes frequently to protect your cowboy leather boots so that you can wear them for many years.

Hope you will succeed and enjoyed our comprehensive article. if so, please share it. Best of luck!


Should I Waterproof My Leather Cowboy Boots?

Yes absolutely! You should waterproof cowboy leather boots, especially in the rainy season or snowy season. Although cowboy leather boots are highly durable, constant exposure to water can damage them.

That’s why you should know how to waterproof leather cowboy boots by using sprays, mink oil, and conditioner. So, be ready for rainy and snowy seasons, and learn how to protect cowboy leather boots before and after rain.

What To Do If Your Cowboy Boots Are Already Wet?

Wet boots are not a mission impossible. They need more care and treatment as per their current health.

Will Snow ruin cowboy boots?

Snow Can Definitely Ruin Your Cowboy Leather Boots if exposed for long and not maintained properly. never underrate the snow as it can damage the boots faster than water.

Now, many users will ask How To Waterproof Leather Boots For Winter Or How To Prevent Cowboy Leather Boots From The Snow?

For This Purpose, you can apply above mentioned methods such as: Mink Oil, Waterproof Spray, Wax, Or Conditioner. All these remedies will guard your Cowboy Leather Boots in winter and snowfall.

How to dry leather cowboy boots?

To dry the Leather Cowboy Boots, Take an old newspaper, Put it inside the boots, and let them air dry. don’t try to use them until they are completely dry.

You can also use a Boot Dryer for this, and you can use the Boot Dryer for other uses such as to dry wet gloves, sports shoes, shin guards, and more.

how to remove salt stains from boots?

Usually, heavy rains result in soggy boots, and you will white squiggly lines all over your boots.
Do not worry; You can deal with this issue easily.

Here we will advise you to use your mom’s favorite home, cleaning stuff, water, and vinegar.
And Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Take two parts of plain water and one part of vinegar.
  2. Now, take a cloth in the solution and wipe the saltwater stains on your boots.
  3. When you are done, dry the boots and condition them again.

Are cowboy leather boots comfortable?

Leather cowboy boots are extremely comfortable to wear, and they offer reliable and excellent foot support. However, this is only possible if your boots fit your feet appropriately only, Then they will offer optimum comfort and Yes, Some of them are comfier than Tennis Shoes.

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