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How To Wash Work Boots in 2022: (Simple yet Effective Ways)

There are different types of boots requiring maintenance depending upon the material of the boots. If you are working in the industry, warehouse, etc.

Your boots are doing a tough job with you providing protection to your feet against heavy machinery, sharp objects falling off.

In order to make work boots long-lasting and save yourself from spending money on new boots every month or two, it is necessary to keep your boots clean periodically, and you should also want to know how to wash work boots.

Work boots are too much engaged in dust, oil, dirt, and many other substances and if they’re not getting cleaned over time, as a result, they will get wrecked underway more quickly than the proper care boots.

Instead of putting boots inside a bucket full of water, there are proper ways of cleaning boots from inside and outside without damaging the quality. There are several methods to guide you on how to wash men’s work boots.

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How to wash smelly work boots?

How To Wash Work Boots

If you feel uncomfortable with the smell of your work boots. There are tips and tricks to make them smell like new ones.

The smell from inside the work boots comes from your feet’ sweat and socks as well. This is an unpleasant condition and it can be embarrassing to bear the funky smell of shoes.

Following are the ways to vanish the smell from your boots thoroughly.

By Using Baking Soda

It is the quickest way to get rid of your work boots and smell frustration. Baking soda has a great tendency to absorb the smell.

how to clean greasy work boots

Baking soda helps to absorb both outside and inside smell. This is the best way to wash work boots and also the cheapest way.

Steps to follow

All these steps will help you to know how to wash stinky work boots and love to go to work wearing your boots.

1st Step: You need 1,2 tablespoons of baking soda, it depends on the size of the boots. If the boot size is large enough then you may need more baking soda.

2nd Step: Place the baking soda in the heel part of the shoes.

3rd Step: Now, you have to shake the baking soda to cover up the entire shoe’s insole. Shake enough to spread the baking soda all around. 

4th Step: Wait for a night and wake up in the morning at the time of your work, take out all the baking soda from the boot. All the smell will be dissipated.

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By Using Lemon peels

This is another alternative method of saying goodbye to funky boots smell and washing your work boots. Lemon is a citrus fruit and anti-bacterial. It has the penchant for making your boots look fresh and removing the smell entirely. 

Cut small slices of lemon and place them inside the boots spreading them equally around the insole of work boots. Do not take out the peels until one complete night and on the next morning, you will get a good result.

How to Clean Leather Work Boots with Household Items?

Owning a pair of boots consumes your time and money and you always round up having good conditioned shoes. Many owners don’t know how to clean leather boots inside and outside with utmost care.

In this section of the article, I’ll show you how to clean leather work boots with household items to save money and care more about your shoes.

How to wash leather work boots

There are several leather work boot cleaners and we’ll be looking at some of the easiest ways to know how to wash leather work boots.

How to Wash Leather Boots Inside?

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most common and multipurpose household items with different characteristics. Here, we’ll use it to clean leather work boots.

1st Step: If You Have Mud Adhesive To Your Work Boots, It’s Compulsory To Take Off That Mud Using Liquid Soap.

2nd Step: Once you get rid of the mud thoroughly on the pair of boots. Pour an adequate amount of baking soda.

3rd Step:  Now, Gently rub a smooth piece of cloth all over the surface of both pairs of boots and inside the boots as well to make it completely dry.

Bottom-Line: Leave the soda on the boots for a night to see expected results the next morning. More time means more absorption of mud and other stains.


It is the simplest method to remove the scuff marks from the surface of your boots that look weird in any case. Toothpaste is the standard item in our homes and easy to access.

1st Step: Spread the paste of toothpaste all over the boot surface, you can use gloves to distribute the toothpaste entirely over the surface. 

2nd Step: Now you use any cloth or towel to rub the surface to remove the scuff marks and wait for a few hours to see the result.

Bottom-line: Cleaning the surface of the boot with toothpaste will be the sharp reaction and the outcome will appear shortly. In the end, you will see the beautiful result of this method.

Dish Soap

This is another cheap household item and badass to see how effectively it can clean our leather boots. It is used for various cleaning purposes, like cleaning outdoor furniture, kitchen appliances, and many more.

Unlike other materials, leather is water sustainable, and using Dish Soap and water solutions can fix our problem easily without detrimental effects on the surface of the boot.

Follow the steps below to see how to wash your work boots with Dish Soap.

  • Wipe away all the dirt and grime off from the boot surface because it will hold back the soap solution to work properly and digest the dust. 
  • Remove the shoelaces. 
  • Dip a towel in Dish Soap mix and using this towel, wipe each pair of boots. 
  • Now, use a clean towel to take the Dish Soap off the boot surface. 
  • Take a dry towel and rub the boot firmly to dry it. Awesome, that was so quick. You’re done!

Bottom-line: Dish Soap is a powerful agent that we use in our homes to clean different apparatus. After applying the above steps, leave the boots to squeeze all the water inside the surface.

How do you wash work boots in the washing machine?

If you have no experience how to use a washing machine, it can be threatening to clean your work boots in the washing machine.

How to wash boots in washing machine

A single mistake can be turned into a serious problem like the washing machine can stop spinning due to the wrong placement of boots inside the washer. In order to perform it in the right way, follow the steps below to prevent your washing machine and work boots. 

Steps to follow: 

1st Step: The night before washing your leather boots, sprinkle enough baking soda on each pair to cover all the surfaces.

2nd Step: Remove shoelaces. Put them in a washing bag to prevent them from getting twisted together. Place them inside the washer and use a brush cleaner or any old toothbrush to clean off all the grunge and grime as much as possible.

3rd Step: Tangle the boots with 2 towels at least. Place them inside the washer. The purpose of towels is to balance the boots from smashing around inside the washer. 

4th Step: Run the washer on a cold cycle (Never hot) after adding liquid detergent. The duration depends upon your washer, it may vary from 30 to 40 minutes. 

5th Step: Remove your leather boots from the washer and place them in air dry open to the sun. 


Don’t use any dryer to dry your boots quickly. The heat of the dryer can devastate the material of your boots. Great, you are Done!

How to Wash Work Boots in the Washing Machine?

Answer: It is recommended to wash your work boots by hand because using a washing machine needs precautions and care to avoid either boot or washing machine damage. 

Leather boots can be a little tricky to wash in a washing machine, if you want to know how to clean work boots in the washing machine, then continue reading below.

What do you need?

  • Dirty Leather boots
  • A washing machine
  • Baking soda
  • A towel
  • Wash bag
  • Brush cleaner

How to Wash Steel Toe Sneakers?

Steel toe sneakers are very resistive and protective for your feet. It has a thick front layout that saves your feet from crushing heavy objects in a factory, warehouse, industry, etc.

You cannot expect long-lasting protection from these boots if you are oblivious to how to disinfect work boots and you will end up with continuous fall in the quality of these work boots

The owner must be conscious about how to wash my work boots regularly to strengthen their quality and enhance their durability. These boots are normally expensive and if you are a worker, you cannot afford to purchase a new pair of shoes over and over with time.

Soap water to clean your steel toe sneakers

It is a very simple method to clean your steel toe sneakers using a microfiber cloth and soap water. 

Steps to follow:

  • Take any vessel or bowl and mix a few quantities/drops of dish wash in water.
  • Dip the microfiber cloth in the bowl of water
  • Using a microfiber cloth, rub it on the surface of sneakers and continuous circulating your hand holding cloth until you see all the mud off from the surface
  • Take another dry cloth and dip in simple water to clean the residue of dish wash on the boot surface by rubbing it on the surface.
  • You can dry your sneakers using a dryer but we recommend drying them in air-dry open to the sunlight.

FAQ About: How To Wash Work Boots

How often do you need to clean your boots?

Cleaning leather work boots should be done as per need. For good maintenance, you must clean your boots every week. Boots bear a lot of tough stuff and they require sufficient looks to last for a long time.

One must not overlook the boots sanitary condition because it gradually loses the quality and doesn’t go for a long run. 

How do you wash and dry work boots?

There are different ways to wash work boots like using baking soda, toothpaste, Vaseline, and many other methods as shown above in the article.

You can dry your work boots with a microfiber cloth rubbing on the surface of boots and leaving the boots in air dry for a night to get expected results.

Can you put steel toe boots in the washing machine?

When it comes to cleaning the boots in the washing machine, a lot of care should be taken into consideration. Do not perform this if you have a question in mind: how can I wash work boots?

Scroll up and see the article section explaining how to wash work boots in the washing machine.

How to wash steel toe work boots?

This is most commonly asked in the FAQ. Steel toe work boots are thick and hard and specially made for tough jobs. The more power means more responsibility, a lot of people are concerned about their work boots cleaning.

There are different ways of cleaning steel toe work boots and I’ve mentioned the complete steps above in this article. Take a look at the section, How to wash steel toe sneakers.

How to clean suede work boots?

Dry your boots with a cloth or towel and use any brush to clean the dirt on the surface of the boot. Use the brush in the same pattern and use an eraser against stubborn scuff marks (It may take some time depending upon how dark the marks are).

Rub a wet cloth on the entire surface one or two times to bring some shine to it.

How to clean the outside of steel toe boots?

Out of different ways, the simple way is to clean the outside of steel toe boots using dish wash. Use a mixture of dish wash and water in a bowl.

Take a microfiber cloth and dip it into the bowl. Use cloth all over the boot surface. Now take a dry cloth and dip it in simple water to take off the residue of dish wash from the boot surface. Leave the boots for a night at room temperature to dry.

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