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how to clean timberland boots with vinegar

How to clean timberland boots with vinegar 2022 Pros & Cons

Timberland boots are a staple in many people’s wardrobes as they are not just the boots but are the definition of boots.

All the timberland’s boots, whether suede, logging boots, Chelsea, or dress boots, are stylish and versatile, but over time they can start to look a little dirty as they attract more dirt and stains wherever you go outside. 

Although they are designed for the person’s style and versatility, they still need to be cleaned regularly. If you are not cleaning them regularly, their overall life span will deteriorate with time. 

We can adopt plenty of methods to clean them, but one of the best is vinegar cleaning. Vinegar is safe to use on leather or fabric boots without damaging them. This article will show you how to clean Timberland boots with vinegar.

Follow the below steps to clean your Timberland boots with Vinegar:

Step 1: Remove Laces

Remove the laces and wash them using warm water and soap. Rinse them properly to remove the dirt and debris. Another way is to soak them in soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes to get the perfect results.

Hang them to dry in a warm environment. This will allow you to clean out the laces area of the Timberland boots perfectly.

Step 2: Remove the Dust or Mud

After removing the laces, you have to remove dust or mud caked onto the boots. It’s an important step before the actual cleaning of your Timberland boots. The vinegar can create a mess while cleaning with mud cakes. 

So, it’s better to remove the dirt first. You can take the baby wipes to wipe the Boot’s surface as these are gentle on the surface of the boots. Now, take some slices of bread and scrub them on the stains on your shoes.

To remove the stubborn stains, you can sprinkle some talcum powder on your boots where the stains and scuff marks are quite visible. 

Also, clean the bottom of the shoes. The suede brushes are also good options to remove the stains. Make sure to clean the exterior part of the outsoles as well.

Step 3: Prepare Solution

Now, prepare the Vinegar solution with moderately hot water. Vinegar is a perfect acetic acid substance containing strong cleaning and disinfecting abilities. It can remove dirt, grease, mineral deposits, and grime.

So, cleaning the Timber boot surface with white vinegar can bring them back to life. To prepare the solution, take a spoon of white vinegar and mix it into a cup of warm water.

You can also make vinegar solution in a bucket and soak the Boots for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Apply the Vinegar Solution

Take a soft cotton fabric and soak it in the cup of vinegar solution for a few seconds. Once it gets wet, use this cloth to apply the solution to the boots.

Apply the solution onto the entire surface of the Timberland boots and leave them for 10 minutes to let the vinegar solution show its magic.

Now, scrub the stains on the Timberland boots with soaked cotton to completely remove the stains. Make sure to rub gently to clean the boots effectively. You can also use the soft-bristled brush to remove the stains.

Step 5: Rinse the Boots with Warm Water

Now, use the warm water to rinse the Timberland Boots. Make sure to rinse off all the excess soap under running water.

Step 6: Allow the Boots to Air Dry

Place the Timberland boots to air-dry for a couple of hours. After a few hours, you will get clean and eye-catching boots.

Step 7: Brush your Boots

Finally, use the boot brush to brush your Timberland boots to give them a finishing touch. Ensure your shoes are completely dry before brushing with the normal boot brush.

We have also video guide about how to clean timberland boots at home. You can watch it below:

An aggressive way to Clean Timberland Boots

This option to clean the Timberland boots is only recommended when you don’t have any other options as it’s required to apply the pure vinegar on your Boot. You have to apply pure vinegar to scrub the stains with a toothbrush.

Make sure to be gentle as possible as it can leave marks on your Timberland work boots. After removing the stains gently, leave the shoes for an hour.

Timberland Boot Shining with White Vinegar 

You can also use white vinegar to shine your Timberland Boot. You have to prepare a unique solution to shine your Boot with White Vinegar as compared to the above cleaning solution.

Follow the below steps to shine your Timberland shows with white vinegar.

  • Mix one tablespoon of vinegar with two tablespoons of linseed oil and 1/3 of the leather conditioner bottle. 
  • Dip the cotton cloth in the solution for 2 minutes to sock the solution. 
  • Pick up the soaked cloth and apply it on the entire surface of Boots. 
  • Let the boots stay there for 12 to 14 minutes until they absorb the solution
  • Now, use the boot brush to buff the work boots to bring up their shine. 
  • Use the boot brush to buff them to bring their shine. It will give your timberland boots a brand new look. 

Advantages of using Vinegar to Clean Timberland Boots 

Cleaning Timberland work boots with household ingredients such as Vinegar is simple and there are various benefits of adopting them for Timberland Boots.

This cheap and fast-acting agent will not ruin the suede. Here are some of the pros of using vinegar to clean Timberland Boots.

  • Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent and environmentally friendly.
  • It can easily remove the stubborn scuffs, stains, and dirt from Boots.
  • Vinegar also dissolves the sticker’s glue that has been stuck in your Timberland boots for too long.
  • It’s safe to use on leather and fabric without any damaging effects.
  • It can also be used as an odor eliminator. You just have to add some drops of essential oil to the vinegar solution before cleaning your boots.
  • Vinegar doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like other traditional cleaners, such as bleach and ammonia-based products. So, less risk of damaging your skin and cleaning clothes while cleaning your boots.
  • Its smell doesn’t linger you longer, as it quickly evaporates after applying. But if you want to control the scent more, you can add some baking soda to the vinegar cleaning solution.
  • So that’s it; we hope now you know how to clean with baking soda.

Disadvantages of using the Vinegar for Timberland Boots

Vinegar can also damage the Timberlands Boot leather when it is not diluted. The acid in vinegar can corrode the leather and stitching of your boots, affecting their water resistance ability.

The pure acidic vinegar can also discolor the Boot’s leather and the clothes that come into contact with it. So, make sure to mix it with warm water and use this method to remove stains from your Timberland Boots.

Rinse the remaining residue by using clean water and dry them completely before using. The wet shoes can easily attract the dirt particles back.

Similarly, if you use Vinegar to clean black Timberland boots, their color might get affected. 


Cleaning and restoring Timberland boots with vinegar is an easy way to get them looking brand new again. Vinegar is a great cleaner for all kinds of surfaces, and it’s really effective at cleaning leather and other materials.

Simply add a little amount of vinegar onto warm water, and vinegar will do its magic. Then rinse off the Boot with warm water, and you’re done!

We hope you found this how to clean timberland boots with vinegar post helpful!

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