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Do Crocs Run Big Or Small? Crocs Sizing Pro Guide [Updated]

There’s no denying that Crocs have become a popular footwear choice for many, but some people seem to love them, while others can’t stand their sight.

Besides, most people are unsure about what size Crocs to order because the sizing can be a little tricky. And no one likes to waste their time ordering a pair of Crocs that won’t fit.

If you are on the fence about whether to give them a try, read on to see what some people have had to say about Croc’s size and also about do crocs run big or small?

Do Crocs Run Big Or Small?

Generally, crocs are true to sizes, and their comfort is up to the standard; hence you can rely on them. Besides, the comfort and sizing also depend on the variant you are wearing. This is a deciding factor and is related directly to comfort.

But still, often, Crocs are true to size and don’t run big or small. Some Crocs models, such as Classic clog, are designed to offer more comfort and fitment. When buying Crocs, we advise you to order your regular size, and you will get a perfect fit.

Similarly, you can also wear Crocs if you have wide feet; these are designed to provide you with a roomy and supportive fit and will deliver excellent comfort to your feet. Models like Classic Clogs are more suitable for wide feet, in our opinion.

On the Other hand, various models like Crocs Crocband are not ideal for wide feet; however, you can wear them if you have a regular foot.

Do Crocs Come In Half Sizes?

Primarily, Crocs’ sizing is as per standard; that is why Crocs don’t come in half sizes. However, as mentioned earlier, their sizes vary according to the specific model that you want to buy. This is the deciding factor as some models are designed for comfort while others are made for work.

In both these cases, you will not experience any sizing issues with the Crocs as most of their models are spacious, comfortable, and offer snug fitment. Hence you can order your regular size.

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How Do Crocs Classic Clogs Fit?

If you are thinking that, do Classic Clogs run big or small? Then, let me tell you that these clogs are made to provide a roomy fit and support your heel adequately while maintaining overall balance and stability.

However, while analyzing consumer reports, we can say opt for one size down if you are buying Classic clogs as they are more spacious than the other models.

Classic Clogs are pretty roomy, and they have a wide toe box that offers plenty of wiggling space for your toes without even touching the front of your foot.

To provide additional stability, you can easily adjust the hinged ankle strap according to your ankle’s shape for maximum support and comfort. If you feel that space in front of your toes is too much even after sizing down, you can use the strap for a relaxed fit.

To get a snug fit from your Crocs classic clogs, ensure that 1/4 inch of space remains in front of your toes, and you should comfortably place your fingers between the strap and heel.

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How Do Crocs Bistro Clog Fit?

Like Crocs classic clogs, Bistro Clog offers an excellent and roomy fit. The main feature differentiating these clogs from the others is their closed-toe and top. Moreover, Bistro Clogs don’t have any ventilation holes. In this way, any spills or liquid cannot penetrate shoes and make your feet wet.

Due to this very reason, the fitting might be a bit narrower than the other models of Crocs. However, you need to follow the same fitting rules even for these clogs and order regular sizes to get the best fitment.

How to Size Crocs –Crocs Sizing Guide

Crocs have been serving since 2002. The brand is reputable and manufactures different shoes, including clogs, slippers, sneakers, boots, and sandals. As mentioned above, each of the Crocs models is designed differently, and fitment is also changed.

Crocs Sizing

The below-mentioned Crocs sizing chart will be helpful to you when you plan to buy them online. Besides, this chart is valid for men, women, and even kids.

Generally speaking, Crocs sizing can be categorized into three types:

  1. Roomy fit 
  2. Relaxed Fit
  3. Standard fit

1) Roomy fit 

We can say that these are the most comfortable crocs out there. If you plan to wear your Crocs all day long, this is the best option for you.

The additional room in these Crocs is perfect for all-day wearers, and if you stand a lot on your feet, you need these roomy-fit Crocs without any issue.

2) Relaxed Fit

As the name speakers, these Crocs offer excellent fitment and plenty of space in the toe area. These Crocs are also comfortable, and you can wear them for an entire day without any foot fatigue or discomfort.

However, compared to the others, these have a narrow toe box which can cause some discomfort.

3) Standard fit

These are the standard Crocs types that you will commonly see in households. Standard fit crocs are true to sizes, but they provide the least room for your feet and toes when you compare them with the comfortable and roomy fit crocs.

However, these are highly comfortable and very true to size. These are the best crocs for household uses.

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How do crocs fit for kids?

Kids are always growing, and their body parts develop with time. When it comes to children and kids, Crocs sizing is true, and they fit kids nicely. However, you need to choose one size bigger as kids constantly grow.

crocs fit for kids

By doing so, your kids can use the same Crocs for longer. So it is a wise approach to get one size bigger so that they will serve you longer.

Generally, Crocs don’t run too big or small, even for the kids. They are just the perfect size, with some additional space for the growing toddlers.

Crocs Size Chart

4N/AN/AN/A2108 3/8212
5334-35212208 5/8221
7537-38232409 3/8238
8638-39242509 5/8246
10841-422627010 3/8263
11942-43N/AN/A10 5/8272

Crocs Sizing Tips

If you’re still wondering about Crocs sizing, here are some valuable tips.

  1. Crocs run true to size
  2. Crocs run in whole sizes
  3. Think about what you’ll use the Crocs for

1) Crocs run true to size

It’s vital to know that Crocs are true to foot size, so there is no need to do anything fancy when buying Crocs.

2) Crocs run in whole sizes

If somehow you fall between various sizes, we will advise you to go one size up. If you feel that your Crocs are too big, you can shrink them.

3) Think about what you’ll use the Crocs for

If you plan to use your Crocs for casual uses, go with the loose fitment, as it will be more comfortable. However, if you plan to wear your Crocs at work, go with the actual size of your feet as you need appropriate fitment in this regard.

So that’s it from our end but if you still need some information regarding crocs sizing and want to know more about do crocs run big or small? Then go and watch the below video:

YouTube video


How To Know What Size Crocs To Get?

To know which Croc size you should get, you will have to measure your actual foot size. If you know your actual foot size, you can easily buy Crocs of that size, and Crocs are true to size, so there is no need to do anything fluffy.

How To Measure Foot Size to Buy Crocs?

To measure your foot size, trace your foot on paper and then note the dimensions of your foot’s drawing. Then use a sizing chart and get the correct sized product.

What If Your Crocs Are Too Big?

According to the company’s return policy, you can return only unworn and unwashed shoes. So if your Crocs are slightly oversized, you can shrink them at home through a dryer, and if you think they are too big, you can return them.

Are Crocs Adjustable?

Not all Crocs are adjustable. However, there are some models which you can adjust via heel straps as per your actual size.


So, do Crocs run big or small? The answer is a little bit of both. Depending on the style and cut of the shoe, Crocs can run slightly large or small.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered no matter which size you need. Check out our sizing guide to find your perfect fit, and remember that if your new Crocs feel a little snug at first, they’ll stretch out with wear. Thanks for reading.