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Best Work Boots for Asphalt

Best Work Boots for Asphalt in 2022 with buying guide

Are you working as an asphalt worker or contractor? Then you will be aware of the importance of asphalt work boots. Many workers find it challenging to find the right pair of work boots that provide optimum protection and comfort.

When working on hot Asphalt and other similar elements, the biggest problem, in our opinion, is hot burning asphalt, and this is also the biggest concern for your work boots.

If you also think the same. You are not alone; there are many others.

Many workers and laborers who work on burning asphalt struggle to find the best pair of asphalt work boots. For Asphalt, you need to wear heat-resistant and well-aerated boots to keep your foot safe, calm, and comfortable.

To reduce those risks, our experts have analyzed some of the best work boots for Asphalt so that you can remain comfortable and safe on your job site.

Top 5 Best Work Boots for Asphalt Paving workers at a glance

1. Cofra Asphalt Composite Safety Toe Boots (Heat Defender)
1. Cofra Asphalt Composite Safety Toe Boots (Heat Defender)
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2. Timberland PRO Men’s Steel-Toe Slip-Resistant Asphalt Boot (Stylish Look)
2. Timberland PRO Men’s Steel-Toe Slip-Resistant Asphalt Boot (Stylish Look)
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3. Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Asphalt Boot (Suitable For Slippery Surfaces)
3. Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Asphalt Boot (Suitable For Slippery Surfaces)
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4. Golden Fox Men’s Work Boots For Construction (Comfortable Boot)
4. Golden Fox Men’s Work Boots For Construction (Comfortable Boot)
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5. COFRA Leather Asphalt Composite Toe Safety Work Boot (Waterproofing Quality)
5. COFRA Leather Asphalt Composite Toe Safety Work Boot (Waterproofing Quality)
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By now, you have read the importance of asphalt work boots and know why it is essential to buy them if you are working in construction areas. So, for further detail, read the below guide about the five best work boots for asphalt workers.

1. Cofra Asphalt Composite Safety Toe boots (Heat Defender)

1. Cofra Asphalt Composite Safety Toe boots (Heat Defender)

  • Designed to withstand the high temperatures of newly poured asphalt.
  • Rubber sole with heat defenders
  • Multifunctional toe cap that resists crushing
  • Thermal insoles with insulation


Cofra asphalt boots is a long-term commitment for your everyday use that we believe is well worth it. Those working on asphalt will not find a better pair than these Cofra work boots. The shoes are light and include a smooth outsole that is simple to clean and withstand heat very well.

The goods of Cofra have earned the affections of numerous consumers. After a thorough examination of these Cofra safety boots for asphalt work, we noticed durable construction and top-notch performance. 

Moreover, the shoes come with specially formulated and injection molded nitrile rubber soles that are efficient enough to protect your feet from extreme heat throughout the day. Besides, the shoe sole will not leave marks on soft asphalt.

nitrile rubber soles protect feet from heat

Furthermore, the shoes also have heat-resistant insoles. The insoles are made to protect the inner side of the shoe and keep your feet comfortable and safe while working on burning asphalt.

The shoe features a robust but lightweight polyurethane construction that delivers superb comfort with high durability even if you use them in the harshest working environments.

Lastly, the shoes have durable leather uppers along with a crush-resistant composite safety toe to protect your toes against shocks and impact. You will also find a solid puncture-resistant safety plate beneath the sole.

  • Excellent heat resistance characteristics.
  • Include a comfortable but durable safety toe to guard the toes against any impact.
  • The insole is well-insulated and resists heat.
  • The treadles design on the sole is a nice touch.
  • Some users complained that the boots leave marks on the asphalt.

Our Verdict

These Cofra safety shoes for asphalt work are among the best in the market. For those looking for a new pair of asphalt work boots, this is your ticket. And while wearing them, you will see a significant difference.

2. Timberland PRO Men's Steel-Toe Slip-resistant asphalt Boot (Stylish Look)

2. Timberland PRO Men’s Steel-Toe Slip-resistant asphalt Boot (Stylish Look)

  • Robust and comfortable leather uppers with a complete foot guard for further protection.
  • Toe as well as forefoot support with a protecting steel toe.
  • It included a strong, heat-absorbing, slip-resistant, as well as long-lasting rubber outsole.
  • The shoe insole is cushioned, and the internal lining works well.



We know your feet are precious. Hence what you use to protect your feet is also essential. This way, we present you with one of the best asphalt paving work boots on the market. These solid work boots are designed with the optimum in mind.

The shoes are designed by Timberland’s experts and come with the latest technologies to deliver the best comfort, durability, and performance.

Furthermore, the shoes are ideal for all asphalt workers and withstand challenging work conditions. These work boots feature built-in comfort technologies and offer reliable electrical hazard protection. Plus, they have slip-and-oil resistant soles so that you can move freely all day long.

Furthermore, these are the most demanding work boots and will not collapse you when things become challenging. This lower leg boot delivers optimum malleability and durability, whereas its Steel shanks and molded footbed support your feet.

Metatarsal shields, as well as a steel toe, provide the effect as well as warmth protection simultaneously. A wrinkled slip-safe flexible outsole completes its functional profile and makes it resistant to heat and electrical dangers.

Metatarsal shields and steel toe will protect feet

Lastly, these Timberland asphalt work boots are slip-resistant, ensuring that you will not fall or slip while wearing them, not even on the asphalt. The contoured footbed, as well as the steel base, provide excellent support for your feet.

  • Only two pounds, it’s quite light.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Comfortable structure
  • Durable construction.
  • Exceptional ankle support
  • A bit heavy

Our Verdict

These work boots for asphalt paving live up to the reputation of Timberland in every aspect. With a break-in period, you can use these boots in grease, heat, water, and uneven surfaces.

3. Carhartt Men's Waterproof asphalt boot (suitable for slippery surfaces)

3. Carhartt Men’s Waterproof asphalt boot (suitable for slippery surfaces)

  • Leather cover with an oil tanning
  • Water-resistant and comfortable to wear
  • Protection from the storm defender 
  • Insulated boots Soundproofing (400 G)
  • DUAL Flex INSOLE Detachable


According to most construction workers, accidental falls and slips are the most causes of workplace injuries. I mean, in no time, you can lose your balance, tumble over, and may injure yourself.

However, you have these Carhartt Men Carhartt Men’s 6″ Energy Black; you can avoid those falls even if you are walking on the asphalt. These Carhartt work boots are designed to use on slippery surfaces such as asphalt and provide enough support while walking.

This Carhartt work boot brings new life with an old concept, quality footwear for work. Besides delivering exceptional fit, and superb comfort, these shoes also feature an improved Carhartt footbed with Insite Technology to provide optimum comfort on all terrains.

Besides, its CAD design is based on 120,000-foot scans to deliver the best possible insole. Moreover, these asphalt work boots provide high arch support while reducing foot fatigue in the workplace.

Furthermore, the boots have a Suede footbed that keeps you moving along with multiple foam layers that offer to return energy and improve your grip.

In addition to this, the shoes come with a composite safety toe that is spacious and guards your toes against impacts and shocks. The boots have expertly made midsoles for rebound and energy recovery to enhance comfort further.

In comparison, its energy rubber outsole offers excellent grip, traction, and flexibility on all terrains with every step.
Lastly, these Carhartt Men’s 6″ Waterproof Work Boot are designed to provide exceptional support while reducing foot fatigue.

We have listed the below video for your ease to read more about these Carhartt working boots. Go and watch it

  • Rubber Outsole is slip-resistant.
  • The membrane is water-resistant and breathable.
  • Electrical protection
  • Boots are resistant to Chemicals and Abrasion
  • Comfortable and solid
  • Some users stated that these are too heavy.

Our Verdict

The Carhartt Men’s Composite Toe Work Boot will serve you well even if you use them on asphalt. The quality construction ensures that you will use this pair for years.

4. Golden Fox Men's Work Boots for Construction (Comfortable Boot)

4. Golden Fox Men’s Work Boots for Construction (Comfortable Boot)

  • Leather, grained leather oil
  • Cushion Collar with Pig Skin
  • Moisture-wicking Taibrelle Wicks
  • Dual-cushion insole that it can remove
  • Oil Protective outsole


Next on our review list is another pair that you can comfortably use as your asphalt work boots. Golden Fox Work Boots feature premium quality full Grain Leather upper that is exceptionally soft and supple; hence there is no break-in period in these work boots.

Moreover, these asphalt shoes feature a tight grain design on the upper to repel water and enhance durability.
Furthermore, the shoe comes with a lightweight and highly durable Polyurethane Outsole that is solid and high resistant.

highly durable Polyurethane Outsole

Additionally, the shoe sole is resistant to oil, and chemical erosion like you encounter while paving. Besides, these Golden Fox Work Boots have excellent safety features, such as Goodyear welt construction, solid midsole, and unique tread pattern.

These features are a must for asphalt workers and construction workers in construction. The sole is slip-resistant as well, and it doesn’t have complicated grooves so that you can move freely without any worry.

Lastly, the shoe also has solid Steel shanks that enhance support around your foot’s arch area. The shanks keep you free of fatigue, and you can comfortably work for long hours, even on uneven and rigid surfaces.

  • No break-in period in these work shoes.
  • Features removable and cushioned footbed.
  • The boots are water and grease-resistant.
  • Water repellent leather upper
  • Reliable Goodyear welt construction ensures longevity.
  • Prone to marks and scuffs.

Our Verdict

These Golden Fox shoes have nice thick inserts for enhanced comfort and optimum durability. These work boots are a home run for all construction workers and asphalt workers.

5. COFRA Leather Asphalt Composite Toe Safety Work Boot (Waterproofing quality)

5. COFRA Leather Asphalt Composite Toe Safety Work Boot (Waterproofing quality)

  • Leather uppers are resistant to scratches.
  • Outsole is heat resistant and made up of Nitrile rubber.
  • A thermic insulation insole that keeps your feet cool in hot weather.
  • An anti-perforation technology that protects the foot from electrical risks.
  • Chemically resistant outsole is ideal for any workplace.


At the last spot, we have another COFRA shoe on our list. These COFRA US Road work boots can efficiently handle whatever you throw at them. Similarly, these are the most reliable work boots for asphalt work.

These work boots for asphalt feature waterproof calfskin leather. The upper is durable, and the shoes are entirely waterproof. Moreover, the shoes also have a Thermic Insole, preventing extreme temperature. Apart from it, the boots feature a highly durable outsole made up of nitrile elastic.

The outsole is slip-resistant, and you can comfortably use it in burning asphalt surfaces and high temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

The composite toe is spacious and nicely prevents impact and sudden shocks. Besides, the overall construction of these shoes is solid and provides plenty of foot support. In addition, the shoe also has an APT plate embedded insole for enhanced durability.

Lastly, these asphalt work boots are resistant to chemicals, and outsoles are non-marking. Thus you can safely use them on fresh asphalt.

The arch support of this asphalt paving boot is higher than the other Safety shoes for asphalt paving. Despite all these benefits, these work boots are reasonably priced.

  • The water-proof leather enhances its durability.
  • The shoe sole is resistant to chemicals, and you can use it on slippery surfaces.
  • A PU/Nitrile rubber outsole is a heat resistance rating of up to 572° F.
  • The shoes are too heavy.

Our Verdict

Asphalt work boots need to be reliable, and this is the most reliable pair of work boots for asphalt paving. The shoes are expertly designed, durable, and include an anti-slip outsole so that you can work safely and comfortably in all workplaces.

Things to look out for when buying the best work boots for Asphalt

Buying a reliable pair of boots that keeps you moving on hot asphalt paving can be confusing. But don’t worry below are some factors that you need in your work so that you can walk comfortably on all surfaces, including Asphalt:

Flat Bottom

A flat outsole is necessary when it comes to asphalt boots. First of all, a flat means no need to deal with those annoying rocks, nor will you face any aggregate stuck in your soles.

Besides, almost all flat soles are slip-resistant, and unlike others, they will not cause aggravation. Similarly, wearing flat soles means zero tripping hazards and accidental falls, even if your shoes are filled with tar.

As you know, work boots with a flat sole do not have heels or treaded design; hence, there will be no marks on the newly paved Asphalt.

You can also consider using wedge sole work boots when working on Asphalt. These work boots have soft cushioning and optimum durability, allowing complete surface contact with the mat without any footprints.


Be ready to face heat and other similar things when working on Asphalt. In most cases, the heat levels are incredibly high, up to 300° F.

This means you need to protect your feet and need nothing but the best work boots for Asphalt paving for this purpose. Similarly, your footwear will be exposed to heat from inside and outside. Thus it is vital to pick a pair made up of heat-resistant materials.

Commonly, you will find asphalt work boots with polyurethane compounds that can resist high temperatures. However, nitrile rubber outsole is more resistant to heat up to 500°F. As for the inner side, we recommend using durable thermal insoles as protectors when working on hot pavement.


Construction workers should follow the practices mentioned in OSHA standards. This is why you need to get work shoes that comply with 1910.136 standards and meet ASTM F2413-11 I/75, C/75 safety standards.

Here we recommend you to use asphalt work boots with a composite safety toe usually made up of fiberglass and nylon materials.

Additional safety features in your asphalt boots to look out for are a puncture-resistant outsole and a full-gusset tongue. The full-gusset tongue also protects your feet from hot asphalt, tar, and oil, and these materials cannot enter your shoe’s shoe through the lace area.


A shoe with the right fit means you will remain comfortable and safe from various incidents. Shoes with improper fitment mean a safety risk. Thus when buying the best work boots for Asphalt, try to wear them if possible. Ensure the fitment is proper and doesn’t chafe or squeeze while walking.


Remember, as an asphalt contractor, you will be working for long hours, and you will be on your feet most of the time. Thus it would help if you had supportive and comfortable work boots.

In this regard, we recommend going with shoes with thick and soft cushioning, high arch support, and other features that enhance comfort.


Asphalt Paving is not a simple job. You will have to work in the harshest environment; thus, durability matters a lot. We would recommend getting a work boot with tough and durable leather uppers along with Welt or Cement construction.


Regular exposure to high temperatures is expected when you are dealing with asphalt. Hence you need the best work boots for asphalt to protect your feet from various risks.

In our opinion, the best asphalt paving work boots are the Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 MetGuard as they are reliable, feature heat and slip-resistant soles, and are affordable. However, you can use any of the above-mentioned work boots as all of them are ideal for such a job. The other pair you can safely use is the Cofra Asphalt Work Boots. But only if you can carry them comfortably.

Let us know which pair you think is the best for asphalt workers in the comments below. Happy paving!

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1: How do you get tar and asphalt off your work boots?

To remove tar and asphalt from your work boots, you need household items. We recommend rubbing alcohol to remove those stubborn items for shoe soles.

Take an adequate quantity of methylated spirits or alcohol on a paper towel or cloth and apply it to the tar or asphalt to remove it.

Q2: How can you get rid of asphalt residue?

There are many ways to get rid of asphalt residue. In our opinion, the best way is to scratch the asphalt residue using a knife. Then you can rub it with alcohol or use any spray such as WD-40 or Goo Gone with a clean, soft cloth.

Q3: What are the risks associated with paving?

The two primary risks associated with asphalt paving are fire and explosion threats. However, there are several health risks as well.

When working or paving asphalt, it can damage your skin, cause eye infection, and you can get ill by inhaling the toxic fumes and vapors. Hence all workers need to keep themselves safe and use protective clothing or safety gear to avoid asphalt burns and other hazards.

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