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Best Work Boot Socks 2022: Men Working Socks Reviews

If you’re like most people, you probably take your feet for granted. But the truth is, if you want to stay healthy and comfortable, you need to take good care of them.

One of the most important things you can do is wear the right shoes and socks when you’re working. If you want to have a safe, comfortable and productive day at work, then make sure that your shoes and socks match.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best work boot socks and share tips regarding how to get comfortable work socks for your use. Stay tuned.

10 Best work boot socks List

By now, you read the importance of work boot socks. So, below we have listed and reviewed some of the best socks to wear with work boots.

  1. Carhartt Men’s All-Terrain Comfortable Boot Socks
  2. KMM Heavy Duty Work Boot Socks
  3. Dickies Men’s Dri-Tech Moisture Control Crew Socks
  4. MIRMARU Men’s Trekking Crew Work Socks
  5. Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Work Socks
  6. APTYID Men’s Moisture Control Work Boot Socks
  7. Men’s Anti Sweat Work Boot Socks 
  8. HOT FEET Men’s Work Boot And Outdoor Socks
  9. Men’s Breathable Hiking Work Boot Socks
  10. Darn Tough Merino Wool Work Boot Sock

1. Carhartt Men’s All-Terrain Comfortable Boot Socks (best for All feet)

Carhartt Men's All-Terrain Comfortable Boot Socks (best for All feet)

On top of our list regarding the best work socks are Carhartt Men’s All-terrain crew socks. These work socks are comfortable, and you can use them multiple times with your boots.

The 6-pairs are super comfortable, and you won’t feel any additional weight or bulkiness while wearing these work socks. Let’s discuss them in detail.


Get ready for the day with a fresh pair of socks. The Carhartt All-Terrain Crew Sock has features designed specifically to make your feet feel comfortable, whether you’re wearing work boots or not.

The unique design of these socks uses friction-free Nanoglide technology to reduce the risk of blisters and keep your feet comfortable.

In addition, the socks have mesh cooling panels along with instep channels that maintain consistent airflow and keep your feet dry. Plus, the socks are designed to transport the sweat away from your skin and allow you to wear them in hot conditions.


Carhartt’s All Season-All Terrain Crew Socks are ideal for different types of feet. The socks are high up to 12 inches and include an elasticized cuff that hugs your feet firmly.

If you have mid-calf or full-length work boots, these 12 inches work boot socks deliver sufficient protection will keep your legs safe from cuts and bruises.


Manufacturing is up to the mark, and you will find durable fibers in these work socks. To be precise, the socks have 43% of polyester, which is comfortable, quick-drying, and highly breathable.

Around 35% of the sock materials include acrylic, soft fabric, and a perfect alternative to cotton substitute. 

Additionally, you will find a layer of wool that makes these socks even softer. You will also find traces of nylon and spandex in these socks.


The only downside of these work boot socks is that they are too thick; hence, you might initially feel them too snug. Though this additional bulk is negligible.

  • Exclusive heat transport technology to give you fresh feet.
  • Comes with braced arches for high arch support.
  • Made up of light, warm and soft materials.
  • A little heavy than other work socks.

Our Verdict

The Best work socks for men are here. In these Carhartt socks, you will get a perfect fabric blend that’s durable and not too thick, with just the right amount of support when you wear them. The brown/orange color is my favorite because it goes well against any outfit.

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2. KMM Heavy Duty Work Boot Socks: Suitable for hot weather

KMM Cotton Moisture Heavy Duty Work Boot Socks

The KMM Moisture Wicking Work Boot Crew Socks are perfect for you sweaty gents out there. The name says it all.

These incredible work socks will keep your feet dry and cool with every step taken on-site or even when working around the house doing yard work during these hot summer months.


As you know, cotton is a highly breathable material, and these socks contain a good amount of cotton along with spandex and Polyester. Hence these are highly breathable and the best socks for hot summers.

Cotton with spandex works flawlessly and delivers a well-ventilated, lightweight work sock with great moisture-wicking abilities. Spandex used in these KMM work socks is agile, and you will mostly find this material in athletic wear.


Comfort-wise these are the most comfortable work socks on the market. The socks come reinforced with high-density fibers and a mesh design for optimum comfort and high breathability.

The spandex in these socks is also handy and allows you to wiggle your toes in a much better way. Besides, the top-notch manufacturing and high-quality materials prevent your feet from being sweaty.


Furthermore, these KMMs are well-padded. You will find good cushioning in all key areas and giving you higher arch support.

This superior cushioning is the key difference between these work socks and makes the best hot weather work socks. And of course, high-quality materials mean minimum sweating and less odor.

  • Features fast-drying composite lining to wick away moisture and dampness.
  • The polyester in these socks is durable and won’t shrink.
  • It’s pretty affordable.
  • Wash them gently, or else they will shrink.

Our Verdict

KMM’s Moisture Wicking Work Boot Crew Socks are a great comfort option for your feet when working in hot environments. The socks use innovative technology to reduce moisture and keep you from sweating, even if it is Hot outside.

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3. Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

Dickies is a company that knows how to make clothes with functional designs and great quality. The Dickies Men’s Dri-Tech Work Crew Socks (6 pack) have been designed for comfort so that you can wear them all day long without discomfort or pain.


This Dickies crew sock is designed to keep you comfortable in your work boot the whole week through. The moisture management technology will ensure that these socks stay dry and feel cool all day long, no matter what weather or season of the year. 

Think of these Dickies Crew Socks as an insurance policy for your feet. These work socks for men are designed to keep you super comfortable and dry no matter the conditions or season.

The sock’s design also has a ventilated breathing channel that circulates air around your feet and evaporates moisture faster to keep you feeling cool.

For added comfort, the toes and heel areas come reinforced and covered in a soft spongy cushion that eliminates the pressure off your soles, heels, and toes.


These are the best full-length crew socks. To be precise, the socks are about 12 inches long, which will be enough for high-cut work shoes.

The socks also feature wide comfortable brands with the elastic cuff that expands or shrinks as per the shape of your leg.


Dickies only uses high-quality materials in these socks. These work socks include 75% cotton, 19% polyester, 5% nylon with 1% Lycra spandex. The spandex and nylon in these socks provide extra thick linings and make them more durable.

The upside of these cotton crew socks is that they are less bulkier than wool socks; hence you can wear them with any work boot.


Elastic in these socks get loose with time and use. Similarly, you need to be vigilant while washing them.

  • Features built-in breathing channel.
  • Fully cushioned sole.
  • Made from premium materials.
  • Less bulky.
  • Elastic is not durable.

Our Verdict

These socks are the best I’ve ever owned! They don’t pill, fade or get holes – they just keep their shape. Plus, you can wear these socks comfortably in summer as well as in winter.

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4. MIRMARU Men’s Trekking Crew work Socks

MIRMARU Men's Trekking Crew work Socks

Whether you are an active person or not, these MIRMARU Men’s Outdoor Sports Crew Socks will keep your feet warm and dry.

They’re made for people who need their footwear to withstand the intensity of outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, etc. So, they can go on with whatever life brings them!

Comfort and Support

Keep in mind these work socks are also an ideal choice to use as a hiking sock. These socks are not bulky, but we found them on the thicker side. Nonetheless, these socks still do a good job and keep consistent ventilation.

Besides, the added cushioning keeps your feet comfortable and allows you to complete your day with optimum comfort.

The socks are made with reinforced compression zones to keep your feet in place and provide gentle support on the arch, ankle, and heels.


The gel-infused underfoot cushioning is designed to make your feet feel more comfortable and relaxed. The extra protection even manages moisture, which can be an issue for some runners who have painful blisters or shear caused by friction on the soles of their shoes.

The sock’s height is up to mid-calf, which is high enough to keep your legs comfortable while wearing these working boots. The cuff is not too snug and comes with elastic ridges to keep them up.


These work socks by Mirmaru include 55% premium combed cotton along with 40% polyester that gives you a soft and cushiony feel.

The socks come fortified with rubber and spandex materials that ensure a snug fit, and these will maintain their original shape even after multiple wash.

Lastly, Mirmaru work socks are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee so that you can buy them with confidence.


While testing these breathable work socks, we found them a bit heavier than the other work socks. And this might be an issue for some users.

  • Well-ventilated work socks.
  • Well-padded for added comfort.
  • Best socks for outdoor activities.
  • Made from premium cotton and polyester.
  • Mid-calf high and works well with high-cut work boots.
  • Thick material can be too heavy for some users.

Our Verdict

As the work socks feature premium cotton material and exclusive cushioning technology, they are the most comfortable socks on this list. Plus, these are also the best support socks for medical-grade compressions.

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5. Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Work Socks

Carhartt Men's Force Performance Work Socks

Classic performance and optimum are the top most priority for this 3-Pack Men’s Force Performance Work Crew Socks by Carhartt. Without too many big words, this crew sock proves how valuable they are for all feet.


You can keep your feet cool and dry no matter how much you sweat with these men’s socks! These everyday force performance crew work boot socks are engineered to work just as hard as you do.

Built for year-round wear thanks to their breathable fabrics that quickly wick away moisture while also durable, they will last longer than any other type on the market today.

The Carhartt Men’s Performance Work Crew Sock utilizes the Fast-dry technology that quickly wicks away sweat and moisture. Besides, the socks also feature mesh panels to keep your feet cool and fresh.

While testing, we observed these have built-in arch support that further improves the comfort level. Additionally, these work socks by Carhartt will not dig into your skin, and these are much lighter than the others.

Fitting and Support

These socks are up to 10 inches; hence they are not the highest but offer sufficient coverage for high-cut and mid-calf working shoes.

Plus, the heel and toe areas are adequately padded to support your feet. The shoes are also highly durable and don’t wear out fast, nor they will lose their original shape after multiple washing cycles. However, these socks are not the best choice to use with steel-toe work boots.


The sock features 98% polyester and 2% spandex, which means they will remain cool and comfortable most of the time.

Polyester and plastic materials in these socks efficiently trap less dampness; hence your skin will not damp in your work boots.


These socks can be too tight for some people, especially on the calves. They create a horrible heat burn on your ankle and leg. Hence be careful!

  • Features Fast-dry technology to wick away sweat.
  • Comes with reinforced heel and toes.
  • Polyester and spandex materials are lighter and cooler
  • Elastic is not durable.

Our Verdict

The Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Work Socks are a great option if you need reliable socks that can perform in all kinds of conditions.

These booties use wool for moisture-wicking and performance fabrics, which means they’re perfect to wear when working outside.

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6. APTYID Men’s Moisture Control Work Boot Socks

APTYID Men's Moisture Control Work Boot Socks

Need a good pair of socks for your steel toe work boots? Here’s what we recommend. These APTYID Men’s work boots socks are ideal to use with steel toe boots.

They hold up even if you wear them in rugged workplaces; no sliding down. Plus, these are much softer than the others.


These socks are made with soft, sweat-wicking fabric and thicker cushioning to help keep your feet warm. They also have an elasticized toe for added protection against wear from equipment or other harmful substances that may be present on the job site.

Apart from it, these breathable work socks come with reinforced heel and toe areas for optimal durability in high-impact areas.


The padding in these socks is designed to reduce pain, blisters, and other foot issues when you’re working. Thanks to its innovative design, the ribbed arch band wraps your midfoot for a supportive feel while keeping moisture away.

Additionally, the Elastic Rubber Bands in these socks ensure that these will stay up regardless of your use. The ideal compression also helps to improve blood flow and fight fatigue.


The best work socks for cooler months! These lightweight yet durable fibers provide ample padding to shield your toes from stiff toe caps.

They don’t lose their shape after repeated wash and wear–plus, they’re free of any annoying itching or irritation so that you can enjoy all-day comfort on your job site with these bad boys.


These socks are well-made, but our panel found them too thin to be work socks. However, consumer reports go against our experts; hence it comes down to your preferences and likings.

  • Skin-friendly materials.
  • Padding on key areas.
  • Breathable design.
  • Too thin.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for the best heavy-duty work socks to wear with your steel-toe work boots, these are the ones!

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7. Men’s Anti Sweat Work Boot Socks (best boot socks for summer)

Men's Anti Sweat Work Boot Socks (best boot socks for summer)

When you need a pair of socks that will last through any task, these bamboo work Socks are the go-to option that you can use for any occasion.

Besides, you will be glad to know that you can wear them with traditional work boots as well as with steel toe work boots.


The viscose bamboo in the sole area is the perfect material to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Not only does it provide breathability, but it also absorbs sweat so that you can wear them all day without having any worries about leaving a stench behind.


The cushioning in these work socks provides just enough protection to eliminate any rubbing or hard spots from slipping on your boots. They’re tough and durable while still being comfortable enough that you can wear them all day long.


These work socks have 55% cotton, 20% Viscose, and 18% Polyester materials. Apart from it, the socks also have bits of Nylon and Elastane for optimum comfort. These work socks also feature a thick piled bamboo padded footbed.

This padded footbed offers optimum comfort while walking around or when you have to stand for all day long on your feet. If you were looking for the best socks for standing all day, your quest ends here.


These works are reliable, but they will shrink with time and wash. So opt for one size bigger.

  • Best work socks for hot weather.
  • Breathable design.
  • Padded heel and toes.
  • Might shrink after wash

Our Verdict

In our opinion, these are the best moisture-wicking socks for work boots, and you will love these work socks.

They’re really comfortable, and they don’t make my feet sweat so much. Plus, the design is great; hence you will not be pulling them up constantly.

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8. HOT FEET Men’s work boot and outdoor socks

HOT FEET Men's work boot and outdoor socks

HOT FEET Men’s Active Work and Outdoor Socks can be your favorites for any occasion. These socks are designed to deliver optimal comfort in all conditions.

The socks also feature micro fleece-lining heating technology are designed to keep your feet toasty even under harshest weather conditions.


When it comes to comfort and performance, these work socks are designed to provide warmth to your feet while providing the superb comfort that a worker demands during a long shift.

Best socks for sensitive feet

These socks are ideal for all those who regularly experience blisters and other similar problems. Besides, these are also ideal for people with wide feet.

Additionally, you can also wear these work boots with dress shoes and sneakers without sacrificing performance.

The moisture-wicking properties of these socks will keep your feet warm and dry, and you can wear them for all day long.


The fully cushioned soles in these work socks deliver excellent performance in cold-weather performance. Besides, the cushioned soles also offer great shock absorption; hence you will not suffer from any foot pain later.

As for the socks manufacturing, these work boot socks for cold feet feature premium-quality cotton. Plus, you can get them in multiple colors.


The only issue in these cold-weather socks for work boots, as per our experts, is that reinforced materials can be too tight for some people, especially those with sensitive feet.

  • Excellent moisture-wicking properties.
  • Insulation is up to the mark.
  • Blister-resistant
  • Best socks for sensitive feet.
  • Too snug reinforcements.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, these are the best socks for Plantar Fasciitis and other similar uses. The minute you put these socks on, it will be like a miracle.

Your feet are going to feel so much better than before, and they’ll stay nice and dry all day long.

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9. Men’s Breathable Hiking Work Boot Socks

Men's Breathable Hiking Work Boot Socks

These GermaPro work socks are perfect for folks engaged in heavy-duty tasks and who remain on their feet most of the day. Besides, outdoor workers can also use these socks without any issue.


These are the best work boot socks for men that have an ergonomic design; hence you will get immense support and high comfort like you’ve never felt before.

The unique Germanium particles in these work socks’ fibers gradually release the infrared ray that delivers excellent support and massages your sore feet. Due to these properties, our team also termed them as the Best socks for sore feet.


Most workers don’t like the strong smell of their feet, especially after a long day at work. Well, these work boot socks eliminate these fears.

The GermaPro work boot socks feature excellent antibacterial properties and keep your feet dry all day long. Apart from it, these socks have great moisture-wicking fabric that prevents bad odors.

GermaPro Hiking and Work Socks are the best socks for construction workers, warehouse workers, hospital staff, and stand-heavy jobs with all these exclusive properties.


These Men’s Hiking & Work Socks feature 42% of polyester along with Germanium Infused designed to deliver the best performance in all seasons.

Plus, the socks also feature Coolmax Fabric and premium cotton nylon materials to guard your feet from various elements. The socks are indeed the best work boots socks that you can get in multiple colors.


We didn’t like the padding of these work socks. The padding on the key areas seems too thin hence it can cause various damages.

  • Features anti-blister and anti-odor properties.
  • Great moisture-wicking properties.
  • The socks are abrasion-resistant.
  • Reduces swelling
  • The padding is too thin.

Our Verdict

These Germa Pro work socks will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. These work socks are snug but not too tight, and they cushioned my feet well while still providing excellent support for all-day wear.

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10. Darn Tough Merino Wool work Boot Sock

Darn Tough Merino Wool work Boot Sock

Darn Tough’s tries to make things easier for you by locally designing and manufacturing the best work socks that Darn claims are highly comfortable, durable, and made to reduce environmental impacts.

Let’s check out whether Darn claims are true or not and what these work socks offer.


With these socks, we assure No slipping, no bunching, and no blisters at all due to the high-quality materials used in the sock’s manufacturing.

The socks feature ultimate fibers for optimum breathability and comfort under all conditions. This means these socks are all Weather suitable and you can wear them in the summer, as well as in the winter.

Besides, the socks feature Mid-level cushioned density. In terms of comfort, full marks.


The main point of using an over-the-calf work sock is to ensure it firmly remains on your legs. The leg of these Darn Tough Paul Bunyan OTC work Socks are up to your knees and make your calf an anchor.


Another quality that makes these the most supportive work socks is the manufacturing process and premium materials.

As per consumer reports, these are the best over calf work socks with 65% Merino wool, a well-known material with unrivaled strength and superb comfort. You will find a pinch of nylon and spandex for high flexibility and durability.

For added comfort, the inner side of these socks is terry looped, which means you will find a unique loop between the stitching for added cushioning.


Indeed these are the best men’s boot socks, but you cannot use them for hiking and other uses. Similarly, you might feel too hot in the summer months.

  • True to size.
  • Merino wool in these boots prevents them from sliding down.
  • These work socks are stretchy and highly comfortable.
  • Suitable for machine wash.
  • Not ideal for extremely hot conditions.

Our Verdict

Darn Tough Paul Bunyan over the Calf Socks are great for ensuring your feet stay warm and cozy all winter long, but they also double as a good liner when you need to wear more layers.

The longer length of these over-the-calf socks means that it will be easier than ever before to get those pesky snowflakes off your legs.

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Things to Consider When Buying Best Socks for Work Boots

best work boot socks
work boot socks

Well, there are a lot of things to consider when buying best work boot socks. Let’s check some of them below:

Size and Snugness

Always check out the sock’s size multiple times before buying any. Don’t buy if the sock runs too small or large or doesn’t fit you perfectly. Inappropriate socks can also slip or bunch up in your work boot.

Leg Height

Remember that over-the-calf socks stick to your leg in a much better way compared to the smaller or shorter socks. However, if you are comfortable with shorter work socks, ensure they are snug enough and won’t ride down.


Sock’s material also deserves your consideration. When it comes down to sock materials, cotton socks are breathable, but when it comes to flexibility, spandex is more flexible.

If you want to buy the best work socks, try to find the perfect mix of these materials, which balances out the qualities you need.


You will commonly find Polyester in your socks as it is used to reinforce work socks. When shopping for work socks, ensure you have read the description and then make the right choice.


The human race is looking for the perfect pair of socks since time immemorial. However, all they can find are a few different kinds that offer varying degrees of comfort–not enough to suit everyone’s needs!

How do you decide which type will be best suited towards your unique taste? The answer is simple. Find the socks made from comfortable fabric and buy them.

Socks can make or break your comfort in the workplace. Being comfortable at work is one goal that many workers strive for, and socks greatly impact this feeling with each step you take while wearing them.

In the End

We hope you enjoyed this post and learned a thing or two about the best work boot socks. If you’re in the market for some new work boot socks, be sure to check out our selection.

We have something for everyone from wool-blend options to moisture-wicking socks made with Coolmax technology. However, as per our experts,the Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack is the Best work socks for MenThese are lightweight and made up of highly breathable materials that you will love. Of course, you can wear them in hot months.

If you are looking for the best cushioned work socks, then we recommend you HOT FEET Men’s Active Work and Outdoor Work SocksThese socks are ideal for outdoor workers and made up of high-quality wool.

Lastly, don’t forget, if you need any help picking out the perfect pair for your needs, our experts are here to help. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Thanks for reading!


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