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Are Crocs Good For Plantar Fasciitis

Are Crocs good for plantar fasciitis in 2022?: Final Answer

In today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing whether or not Crocs are good for plantar fasciitis. This is a hotly debated topic for many people, and there seems to be no clear consensus.

Some podiatrists swear by them, while others think they’re terrible for the condition. So what’s the verdict? Are Crocs good for plantar fasciitis or not? We’ll take a look at the research and let you decide.

What makes Crocs ideal for Plantar Fasciitis?

Do you know that Clogs were initially made for mining workers and field workers who usually spent several hours on their feet? Such users predominantly suffer from plantar pain. Plus, Crocs have reinforced arches, enhanced cushioning, and keep your feet aligned.

So, generally speaking, Crocs are highly supportive and comfortable; hence doctors recommend them to people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

However, there are many other good things in Crocs that make them ideal for plantar fasciitis.

High Arch Support

Adequate arch support is vital for all users, and it is crucial if you suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis pain. According to research, most plantar fasciitis is due to unsupportive footwear.

Remember, human feet are shaped by the arch, and we used to walk on natural soft terrains. Nowadays, we move on hard surfaces hence our feed demand orthopedic compensations.

This is why we need shoes with high arch support, and they are also vital for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. In this scenario, Crocs are excellent as they have enhanced arch support.

Thick Soles

People dealing with plantar fasciitis need shoes with stiff and rigid soles. Similarly, your shoes must not twist nor bend while you move.

Most of us think that shoes with thick cushioning are better, but cushioning without adequate support is not ideal for plantar fasciitis sufferers.

It can cause stress, fatigue, and severe foot pain. Usually, Crocs have incredibly thick and rigid soles with adequate footbed cushioning. Hence people dealing with plantar fasciitis will find them handy.

Reinforced Heels

To minimize additional pressure and excessive stretching, plantar fasciitis sufferers should opt for a pair with reinforced heels.

This is because such shoes allow your ligament to rest and offer excellent shock absorption, especially on the painful heel area.

Some Crocs come with reinforced heels and provide more support than the Classic Crocs; hence they are good for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Cushioned Footbed

Cushioning on the key areas such as the midfoot relaxes impacts and guards your feet. Almost all Crocs have extra cushioning on the key areas and footbed.

Some Crocs come with the LiteRide next-generation insoles that further enhance support.

Excellent shock absorption

Your shoes should have excellent shock-absorbing properties to limit pain and stress on your feet and protect the plantar fascia ligament.

Luckily, all Crocs feature a CrosLite outsole designed from a foam resin with excellent shock absorption.

Cons of Wearing Crocs For Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers: 

While Crocs do have some benefits, there can be some issues if you suffer from plantar fasciitis:

Not Ideal for extended uses

Crocs are ideal for most uses. You can even use them if you stand on your feet for long. In these cases, Crocs can reduce plantar fasciitis pain. However, Crocs are not ideal for long and extensive walks.

This is because Crocs lack rearfoot control. In simple words, you will have to grab the shoe with your toes at every step. This can be deadly and cause tendonitis, hammertoes, and nail problems.

The difference in Podiatrists’ opinions

Before writing the post, we have analyzed dozens of podiatrists’ opinions regarding Crocs for plantar fasciitis. Some of them strongly recommend them, while some totally rule them out.

The majority of doctors and podiatrists recognize that Crocs are good for plantar foot pain due to their high arch support and thick cushioning.

But some oppose this opinion and say that Crocs can do more harm, especially for plantar fasciitis sufferers.

Words From Our Experts

Crocs relieve the plantar fasciitis pain and inflammation, whereas some people stated that they do not offer any relief. Hence we advise you to consult your doctor before using Crocs, especially if you are dealing with t plantar fasciitis.

Your doctor is the only person that can give you a more specific recommendation according to the individual’s symptoms.

Furthermore, some crucial things to know before using Crocs to treat plantar fasciitis. First, you need to ensure that Crocs are comfortable and fit adequately.

The fitment should not be too tight or loose and must not cause any additional pain. Secondly, you should wear them for the recommended time every day. This varies for every person.

Similarly, if you are prescribed to wear Crocs for a few hours, start gradually, then increase the time as the pain subsides. Finally, you should continue to stretch the plantar fascia even if you don’t feel any pain.

In the End

Are Crocs good for Plantar Fasciitis? This is a question that many people with the condition ask themselves. On the one hand, Crocs are extremely comfortable and provide excellent support for the feet.

On the other hand, they can cause some rubbing and chafing on the heel, which can aggravate Plantar Fasciitis. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not to wear Crocs.

If you decide to wear Crocs, be sure to choose a pair that fits well and provides adequate support. You may also want to consider wearing them with socks to help reduce friction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Crocs flip-flops good options for plantar fasciitis?

Doctors don’t recommend flip-flops for people with plantar fasciitis pain. These shoes have no arch support, and your plantar fascia ligament is not secure. So you might feel too much stress, and it can worsen your condition in severe cases.

However, with the latest technologies in shoe materials, you will find some flip-flop models that alleviate plantar pain. There are more than 20 models of Crocs flip-flops for men and women. The ideal for plantar fasciitis sufferers is the Baya Flip.

Do crocs cause plantar fasciitis?

To date, there is no evidence that Crocs cause plantar fasciitis. On the other hand, their high arch support and thick cushioning on critical areas help to alleviate plantar pain. So most podiatrists recommend Crocs for plantar fasciitis sufferers.

That being said, Crocs are not the ideal choice. Many people suffering from plantar fasciitis have stated that they do relieve plantar pain. Similarly, these shoes are not ideal for walking as well. People wearing Crocs for walking purposes and all day long can suffer from various issues such as tendonitis, hammertoes, or nail problems.

Crocs Vs. Birkenstocks for plantar fasciitis?

Birkenstocks Arizona sandals are designed to relieve plantar foot pain. These sandals come with a 1-inch reinforced heel made to stabilize the foot and reduce additional pressure caused due to the plantar fascia. The sandal’s footbed is contoured well and offers high arch support. 

The heel is much better than with Crocs. Hence you can walk in them. Consumer reports back the same, and many users have stated that these sandals reduce significant pain and effects of plantar fasciitis.

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